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For many years, finding a San Soo school has been a challenge. Our goal, with your help, is to offer a complete directory of every Kung Fu San Soo school across the country and around the world! This site is free of politics and independent of any association. All are welcome.

If you own a Kung Fu San Soo school, please add it to the directory. We will list it as soon as we review your information, usually within hours. Regular school listings are free. We will even add it to the front page searchable map!



Surritt Bros. Kung-Fu San Soo
Sifu Jon Surritt
We offer Kung-Fu San Soo classes in Salem, Oregon, USA. We teach both the "Old San Soo," and the "New San Soo." At Surritt Bros. Kung-Fu San Soo Studios, Inc. our approach is to teach both "Old San Soo" lessons, right alongside of "New San Soo" lessons, together. Just like a railroad track has a twin set of rails that run parallel to each other; traveling far into the distance, to get the train to its destination. So too, does teaching "Old San Soo" parallel with "New San Soo," right alongside of each other from the very beginning, helps get our students to their destination; which is a Black Belt, and further yet, a true Master of Kung-Fu San Soo.
Practicing Kung-Fu San Soo is similar to learning how to type on an old fashioned Smith-Corona typewriter. At first, it is difficult, and it takes a lot of practice. After you learn all the keys on the typewriter, and practice with repetition, repetition, repetition (repetition is the ancient Chinese secret to Kung-Fu); then the typewriter keys don't seem so overwhelming. You practice, you look at... your text to type, and it all begins to flow. Your typing speed starts to increase. Your typing accuracy starts to increase. You feel more confident in your typing skills. Learning Kung-Fu San Soo works the same way. Learning the typewriter keys is the same as learning human anatomy striking targets. As you practice with repetition (the ancient Chinese secret to Kung-Fu); you begin to develop speed in acquiring your human anatomy targets. You also begin to develop accuracy in acquiring your human anatomy targets. You begin to flow in your strikes; in Kung-Fu San Soo. It all starts to develop on a sub-conscience level (some refer to this as "muscle memory"). And finally, if you try to type TOO fast on an old fashioned Smith-Corona typewriter, you will accidentally jam-up the keys. Just like in Kung-Fu San Soo, if you try to go TOO fast; you will jam-up your OWN body, and you will actually REDUCE (not increase) your speed, accuracy, and flow.
(503) 508-1117
P.O. Box 4533