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For many years, finding a San Soo school has been a challenge. Our goal, with your help, is to offer a complete directory of every Kung Fu San Soo school across the country and around the world! This site is free of politics and independent of any association. All are welcome.

If you own a Kung Fu San Soo school, please add it to the directory. We will list it as soon as we review your information, usually within hours. Regular school listings are free. We will even add it to the front page searchable map!



Dragon-horse Kung Fu San Soo
Shifu Marty Reeder
Dragon-horse Kung Fu San Soo Academy, also known as Reeder's Kung Fu San Soo School. It is our goal to share the wisdom and martial teaching of Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo with everyone.  We have been in operation since June 2011 when head instructor and owner of Dragon-horse Kung Fu San Soo Academy, Shifu Marty Reeder, started sharing his knowledge and skills with others from a small room in the back of January's Herb Shop here in Huntsville, TX.

In just a few short years the academy has grown in students which required the need for more training space. Shifu Reeder now operates from a location fully dedicated to training, health, and Kung Fu San Soo.  Instructing students in Kung Fu San Soo is not taken lightly, but approached with great respect for the each student and the art.  Shifu Reeder says "I'd say the main reason I teach is because I love the art and I see the positive change it has in people's lives..".

We welcome you to come by our academy at 927 Sam Houston Avenue in Huntsville, TX an observe a class or participate in a session that could positively change you life forever.  You may also contact Shifu Reeder at (936) 662-7577 with any questions on Kung Fu San Soo Internal and External Martial Arts Exercise for Health, Balance and Self Defense classes.
(936) 662-7577
927 Sam Houston Avenue
el paso san soo
el paso san soo
Master Paul Schroder
Veronica Schroder
Juan Tiscareno
Enrique Lopez
Kung Fu San Soo is El Paso’s premiere  Martial Arts Academy, guiding individuals from all walks of life and in all age groups to reach their full potential. The curriculum at El Paso San Soo Academy focuses on realistic self defense concepts,  placing a strong emphasis on valuable life skills such as perseverance, confidence, focus and self-discipline. The result: As students learn highly effective self defense techniques, they experience new levels of confidence and empowerment.

Stop by and see for yourself!
2 Locations:
eastside location:
11800 Rojas,  Suite C–19

El Paso, TX 79936

(915) 590–1630

Behind Tinseltown USA

westside location:
7105 N. Mesa Suite H

El Paso, TX

(915) 590–1630
el paso san soo
(915) 590–1630
11800 Rojas, Suite C–19
El Paso
RK Martial Science & Fitness
Robert Ryan Master

Lisa Brennan Master
Kris Bates
Mike Christian
Jacob Favors
Jamie Heller
Harry Weekly
RK Martial Sciences is proud to be the only school in the Dallas Fort Worth area that teaches Choy Li Ho Fut Hung Kung Fu, more commonly known as Kung Fu San Soo.
RK Martial Sciences is proud to be the only school in the Dallas Fort Worth area that teaches Choy Li Ho Fut Hung Kung Fu, more commonly known as Kung Fu San Soo.

Kung Fu San Soo is a martial art that developed in southern China over a thousand years ago.  Time tested techniques and combinations of punches, kicks, and blocks are delivered in perfect rhythm to vital points of the body.  The techniques can be dynamically changed to suit any situation.
Martial arts were created for combat. Kung Fu San Soo maintains that purpose and philosophy.
RK Martial Sciences and Fitness is committed the highest levels of safe and professional instruction in Kung Fu San Soo.  We believe it to be the most effective form  of self-defense in existence today.
(817) 545-8585
2831 Central Dr