We Build Up People In Kung-fu San Shou

Kung-fu San Shou in Cypress is a life changing art with one of the best instructors around. We build character, confidence, fitness and overall well being.
​Will you join and learn this Ancient Chinese art of self defense and enrich your life?
“You can study Kung-fu your whole life, but unless you’ve taken San Shou you are not a fighter” – Lo Sifu Woo

Exploring creative depths

Give yourself and your loved ones a chance to explore and discover more about themselves. A chance to be a member of one of the World’s oldest, most complete and time tested Martial Arts, Kung-fu San Shou.

A lasting journey

Kung-fu San Shou is a life changing system. One can start as a young child and continue the entirety of one’s life. Improving coordination, flexibility, balance and more. A great way to de-stress and find a healthy outlet for life’s frustrations, you can reach levels of skill and understandings most people never touch upon. Come and make lifelong friends that become family. Kung-Fu San Shou at Cypress College.

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9200 Valley View Street, Cypress, CA, USA, California, USA 90630

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