Dedicated To The Instruction And Preservation Of Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung Ga Wusu (Cailihefoxiongjia Wushu), The Fighting Art Of The Late Chan Siu Dek.

Located in Sonora, California, Kung Fu San Soo Sonora teaches the martial art of the late Jimmy H. Woo, Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung, more popularly know as “Kung Fu San Soo”. School instructors, master Rusty Wallace. and master Tony Shaw, follow the Bill Lasiter Lineage.

“Kung Fu San Soo” is a practical Chinese combat martial training system, and not a sport. It was popularized in America by a fighter who immigrated under the name Jimmy H. Woo, a man who’s Cantonese family name was actually Chan Siu Dek (Chen Shou Jue in Mandarin, Zhen She De in Pinyin, Chin Siu Dek in Hoisanese). Kung Fu San Soo is a more of a complex Chinese fight skill training lineage, than a single martial art ‘style’. Some say it’s one of the most complete and effective martial arts in existence, a notable example of one of the original “mixed martial arts”. Inside Kung Fu Magazine called Kung Fu San Soo, “Legendary and devastating….A pure Chinese fighting art that has few equals.” We include a reference cited, in-depth section on Kung Fu San Soo History, and the perhaps the most complete Kung Fu San Soo Lineage study available anywhere


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