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Master Lee’s Kung Fu San Soo offers classes in Kung Fu fighting and self defense. Classes and private lessons are available for men, women, and, children. Master Lee’s Kung Fu San Soo is a great way for adults and younger children to build…

If you’re ready to learn a martial art that works, McCune’s Martial Arts is ready to teach you Kung Fu San Soo in Minneapolis.

Power, Honor, Discipline…these are the key elements in our philosophy here at PhD Martial Arts. We strive to promote healthy living through martial arts.

SOS Kung Fu offers martial arts classes for men, women and children.

Come learn how the concepts of San Soo can change the way you think about self-defense.

Old style techniques with focus on practical applications. Individual instruction men, women, teenagers. Minimal contact, weapons, multiple opponents, realistic scenarios.

Our curriculum provides complementary programs that build the total warrior. Krav Maga, Kung Fu San Soo, BJJ & Kickboxing. Get a Free 3 day Guest Pass today!

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