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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this directory ?

The question always comes up, is there a San Soo school near me or where I'm going. This site was built to answer that question and get people to your door. For the love of the Art.

Is this site really free ?

YES! It is free to use, free to list, and free of drama. We are not associated with any "association" or clique. It's all about the Art and schools. We do hope to make enough money from our San Soo Store and Google Ads for the site to pay for itself.

What if my school doesn't have a physical address or phone number ?

Believe it or not, we have got this question a few times. If you do not have or want to list a phone number or address, you will not be listed. This directory is for actual physical schools, not occasional meetups in a park or a dark alley somewhere in parts unknown.

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